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About our Firm

We are a full-service private investigations firm founded in 2015 by retired NYPD police supervisors.  We understand that our clients are cost conscious and value savvy and require an honest bang for their hard earned buck. At Thomas Paine Associates we exceed these expectations and deliver the best value transaction in the industry. All cases are confidential and our wide range of services allows us to provide client-focused solutions that are tailored to the specific personal and business needs of our diverse client base.

What We Do


Our surveillance work is conducted by seasoned investigators with decades of experience. Advancements in technology enables us to obtain video and photographic evidence of all manners of human behavior.


Finding People

* Investigative Due Diligence.
* Finding Lost Friends and Relatives.
* Investigative Process Service and Witness Canvass.
* Skip Trace, Child Support Matters, Fugitives.


Estate Management

* Background Checks for Contractor’s and Staff.

* Surveillance Cameras and Motion Detectors
* On-Site Risk Assessments
* Site Visits and Vacation Monitoring


Private Sector Investigations

* Competitor Due Diligence and Analysis.

* Workers Comp Investigations for Small Businesses.
* Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.
* Employee Misconduct Investigations.


Surveillance, Locating People, Estate Management, Private Sector Investigations.

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